The Walton Group, Inc.


Strategic Planning and Development

While most of us would acknowledge that planning is an intrinsic part of effectively leading a business, few business leaders ever derive the full value and benefit of effective planning. Additionally, a failure to successfully translate the results of planning activities into actionable plans that yield results causes both leaders and employees to disregard the benefits of those efforts.

At The Walton Group we believe that strategic planning activities should lead directly to:

  • increased revenues
  • improved operational management
  • increased employee satisfaction
  • improved customer satisfaction

If your planning efforts successfully yielded this kind of value, would you ever question the need to plan?

The Walton Group works with our clients to create custom strategic planning initiatives, conduct discovery and investigation activities, facilitate processes and planning meetings, and create structured implementation plans that yield measurable benefit.

What our clients are saying:

"Using a systematic approach, The Walton Group took the time necessary to evaluate our current processes in light of our operating goals, and helped us to craft new processes to achieve those goals. Of critical importance to this project were the extensive interviews they conducted with each of the key managers. They helped us to begin thinking more strategically by pushing us to look for new ways to solve old problems. We have realized a 15% increase in implementation throughput because of their involvement."

- Kevin Hendrick, Vice President and General Manager ADP Dealer Services

Organizational Design

Companies depend on successful teams, committed employees, and clarity of expectations to deliver value in the marketplace and create profitable value. This is both the strength and the risk of any business, the need to depend on a large collection of people with enormously different personalities, needs, and desires to work together in a concerted way to create consistent and high value results.

  • Does the corporate culture of your company create a desire to serve the needs of the customer profitably?
  • Do the results of your company change when there is less direct oversight?
  • Is there an awareness of the impact and value creation that each leader creates through the entire organization structure?
  • Does your organization have a naturally self-sustaining operating model, that continuously drives high performance, on it's own?

Organizations that work with The Walton Group and our approach to organizational design typically experience:

  • Reduced failure costs and organizational risk
  • Increased productivity and performance against standards
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention of high performing leaders
  • Reduction of non-productive and non-aligned business activity
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduction in management overhead to sustain and support this effort

We believe that winning organizations succeed when they are naturally self-sustaining, enjoying a form of corporate governance that manages results and reduces overhead.