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I love college football. And like most people, I like to see my team win. These days it's increasingly hard to like the way that people win. Winning teams are constantly coming under criticism for turning a blind eye to moral failures by their players and illegal payments by alumni. Criminal acts by star athletes have been in the news constantly.

But I recently learned about one team that seems to be winning the right way.

At Clemson University there is a young man enrolled by the name of David. I first became aware of David when he worked at a local grocery store in my neighborhood. He was hardworking, attentive, and possessed an infectious enthusiasm that made him instantly likable.

Last year David graduated from high school and unlike many who share David's condition, Down's Syndrome, enrolled in college at Clemson University. Clemson has a program for students like David where he will earn his degree and while doing so he serves as a trainer and helper for the Clemson Tiger football team. (The picture is David cheering his team.)

I'm sure there are easier ways to find trainers and helpers for the team. I'm sure there are less complicated ways to run a college program.

I don't think Clemson University cares about the easy way. I think they care about the right way.

Maybe that is what is missing in our world.

A little more caring about the right thing.

Doing the hard thing.

Making a difference.

Not because you have to, but because that is who you are.

Clemson was not expected to have a great team this year. Yet, they are currently ranked #8 in the country and undefeated at 5-0.

Somehow I don't think that's an accident.