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Having a plan...

It's just about resolutioners time. You know what resolutioners are, right? People who establish their goals based on the awkward and painful failures from the prior year. After all, no one makes a resolution to help more orphans. The people who are helping orphans just keep helping them. No one makes a resolution to love their kids more. They just keep loving their kids.

We make resolutions as a last ditch effort to get serious about the problems we generally aren't willing to take seriously. Exercise, diet, and financial responsibility being chief among them. But, let's think about that for a moment... We need to make resolutions about the 3 things we most consistently are presented with each day. Really?

I like the idea of a resolution in that it's a short version of a plan. However, I would propose that for it to really have effect you must write it as a grocery list of future accomplishment rather than a review of past regrets. For example, don't vow to lose weight this year. Instead commit to weigh a specific amount. Failing to be specific is like going to the grocery store hungry and without a list. Everything is a good idea when that happens.

Don't spend your year picking up life's Oreo's. Anyone can do that. Spend your life becoming something with intention.

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