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Sweet, glorious boredom!

When is the last time you were bored? I mean REALLY bored. Like, stuck for the day with nothing to occupy your interest? I'm not talking about the little moments that come when we are in a boring meeting, waiting at the doctors office, or stuck in traffic. I'm referring to the "I have an entire afternoon and nothing to do with it and no options to fill my time" kind of boredom?

Can't remember? Neither can I...

What I can remember is that when I was a kid, this was a common occurrence. Not daily, but often enough. Days spent quite literally staring at the walls, re-reading old books, desperate to find a way to connect with friends.

I hated those days!

Yet, because of those days I started playing the guitar (poorly), built a tree fort (better), and taught myself how to sail a boat. I also learned how to use my dads tools (dangerous), figured out to climb on the roof without a ladder (useless AND dangerous), perfected my tennis serve (still decent), learned to juggle a soccer ball (now long lost), and spent a lot of time just dreaming.

I never wanted to be bored, but boredom was a catalyst for a lot creative energy.

I'm no luddite and embrace technology with the best of them. But sometimes I miss the boredom moments. The friendships they created. The crazy adventures they started. And the out of the box thinking those moments led to.

I'm almost never bored now. It's no longer 3 channels of programming but 300. I have books and internet articles and blogs and email to fill my time and my mind. I'm just starting to wonder what I might do if I really got bored again?

Things vs. People

I heard a man speak last week who said something I found quite profound. He was referencing the number of hearing impaired people in the world and he commented, "blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people." Wow. That just floored me. I went on to learn that the most commonly spoken language in America is English. The second is Spanish. No surprise with either of those.

The third most common language in the United States? American Sign Language!

Deaf people are all around us. We walk by them every day, a silent population separated from us in a most profound way.

Today I ran across the most touching ad for Samsung, the electronics company. I love the way they are reaching out to a group that has become largely forgotten to many of us. I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch.

Well done Samsung!

Friday's Latest Theory

NOTE: Anyone who has known me for long knows I have a lot of theories. A LOT. Some think my theories are half-baked. Others think half is an overstatement. Still others think the entire analogy is an insult to those who bake. Nonetheless, beginning this week Friday will henceforth be victim to one of my theories of the world and human behavior. Read at your own risk. You have been warned...

I struggle to understand the fashion industry. The strange and absurd are commonplace.

How often have you seen someone wearing something absolutely ridiculous? And you say to yourself, "Self, that looks ridiculous."

Then you see another. And another. Pretty soon whatever you saw is more commonplace than BO at a tractor pull.

Which begs a question. How do the strange, exotic, and absurd fashion trends we see even get started? I have a theory...

  • It starts with a desperately insecure person seeking a unique way to be noticed.
  • They find something odd or strange, and while not sure they like it, they give it a try.
  • Here's where it all goes wrong. In a normal ecosystem those around would fall on this faux pas like piranha on a beef stick. BUT, we live in a culture of politeness.
  • So, everyone thinks it's ridiculous, no one wants to say so, and they offer insincere compliments.
    • "Oh, that looks amazing!"
    • "It's so slimming!"
    • "Everyone is wearing squirrel these days!"
  • Soon, others hear the false praise, see the strange fashion, and decide that even though they hate the look, they must have it.
  • Boom, fashion trend born.

Do the responsible thing. Speak out. Skinny jeans and muffin tops must be stopped.

I'm just sayin...

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