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Have you ever heard of the Ivy Lee method?

It's been around for many years, and well documented, but sadly, many today are not familiar with a principle that is perhaps more needed in our current age than any before.

What is the Ivy Lee Method? Simply put, it's a better way to make and manage a task list.

As background, Ivy Lee was a noted productivity expert in the early 1900's. Asked by Charles Schwab, CEO of Bethlehem Steel, for a method to improve productivity he offered a simple method.

At the end of each day, write down 6 things that MUST be done the next day in priority order. No more than 6. Then, when you arrive the next day, start with the first item and continue with it until it is complete. Then start item 2. And so forth. Whatever remains is added to the next days list.

That's it.

Ivy Lee simply asked that Schwab pay him whatever he felt the advice was worth. And pay he did, over $400k in today's dollars for the advice of a single meeting.

Why? Because it works.

It worked then and it works now.

Try it.

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