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Thinking without a box…

Of poor men and cheap things...

I heard an interesting thing today.

Someone said, "A poor man can never afford to own cheap things"

To be honest that sounds like exactly the opposite of what I would have thought, when we are poor we can ONLY afford cheap things.

But this quote was from someone who was an expert in managing money.

And it made me think.

Life is about value, not cost. While there are absolutes in our lives, dictated by the resources we have, if we become consumed by the need for cheap things we become blind to the idea that it is value that matters.

Value applies to US and our POSSESSIONS.

We have to be about creating value for others. The things we own MUST create value for us.

Otherwise what is our purpose? Or the purpose of our possessions.

How easy to forget.

QUESTION: What value are you creating? What is the value of the things you possess? How do you know when your view of these things is right and true?

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