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I won't eat a banana from a gas station...

A few days ago I was filling up the car at a gas station on the interstate. Feeling a bit hungry I went into the store to grab a snack. Nothing was appealing to me and desiring to eat healthy I spied some bananas for sale. Perfect!

But, I couldn’t do it.

While the banana is a sealed item in it’s own skin, and is probably sourced from the same place that my local grocery gets bananas, I could not bring myself to eat a banana from a  gas station.

Why? Because the place was filthy…

Now, bear in mind, the banana was unpeeled, what was inside was as pristine as any banana and unaffected by it’s environment.

Yet, the idea was unbearable for me. I just could not separate the condition of the store from the quality of the item. It was not a rationale thought, but it was real.

The same is true for any business. The main product may be fine but people will judge you, overtly and directly as well as subtly and unconsciously, for things that should not matter but they do. Make sure you get them right.

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