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Roadmap to Remarkable!

A practical guide to creating a transformative and remarkable corporate culture. The Roadmap to Remarkable! provides a powerful catalyst to growing your personal leadership and that of your team!

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Enhancing Your Business Value

Randy Walton, founder and CEO is a co-author of "Enhancing Your Business Value... The Climb To The Top... Smart Strategies for a Successful Expedition" with mergers and acquisitions specialist Mark Jordan and attorney and Senator Judson Hill.

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  • "The game plan for success in the business world set forth by Mark Jordan, Randy Walton and Judson Hill, is realistic, workable, honest, organized, and fair. Come to think of it, that's a recipe for success not only in business, but in politics as well -- at least politics and business the way they ought to be practiced!" - Former United States Congressman Bob Barr
  • "The powerful ideas for building business value and personal wealth found in Enhancing Your Business Value...The Climb To The Top should be essential planks in the foundation of the strategic plan for every privately-held business at any stage of development!" - Michael R. Nall, Executive Director, Alliance of M&A Advisors,
  • The authors have hit upon many of the problems—both seen and unseen—facing today’s business owner, and have offered real solutions." - John L. Smith, President, Strategic Media Solutions
  • This book does a remarkable job of making this process understandable and should be part of every business owner’s planning kit. - Pat Sedlacek, Director, Mergers and Acquisitions, Medical Manager Corporation / WebMD