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Executive Assessment

Unlock the Secrets of High Performers

Executive Assessment

Our Executive Assessment programs work with business owners, CEO's, and other senior level organizational managers to identify, address, and provide real solutions to problems that affect all leaders. We offer our clients tools to more effectively manage people, make more effective business decisions through our decision support processes, and maintain a better quality of life while reaching more goals, personally and professionally.

Certified in the use of the Birkman Method we help leaders realize their full potential, align to their greatest capabilities, and enjoy more personal and professional satisfaction.


"Randy took us to the next level of strategic planning. His monthly meetings with me and my staff keep us focused and on track. As a ministry leader, I find his observations and insight led of the Lord and very discerning. The most surprising part of this for me was the value that we are receiving from our investment. We so look forward to meeting with Randy and the momentum that follows our monthly checkups."

- Tim Echols - President and Founder - TeenPact, Inc.

Organizational Development

As a leader, you want a smooth running organization, people you can trust and people who trust you. In the real world it rarely works out quite so smoothly. We work with leaders and teams to assist you in creating and managing the team that you have really desired all along. We help with individual employee issues, team issues, and plan development.

Decision Support

Whether you are considering an expansion, a shift in your strategic focus, a sale of your business, or even closing the doors, knowing what questions to ask and answer can make all the difference between a successful decision or a devastating one. The Walton Group consultants are experienced in providing objective, real world counsel to assist business owners and executives in making decisions that pay real dividends, every time!

One-on-One Coaching

No one knows the pressure and isolation of leadership more than a business owner. You have your money, your reputation, and your future on the line every day. Additionally, you have the welfare of your employees to be concerned about as well. More often than not, you crave a balance to your life. How to have the income, rewards, and lifestyle you desire without making sacrifices that you cannot accept? Our one-on-one coaching process leads to better balance, greater satisfaction, and more effectiveness in leading your teams!