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Executive Assessment

Back in 1988, Professor John Hunter of Michigan State University determined that the typical employment interview is only 57% effective in predicting subsequent success in a job, which means that the typical interview is only slightly better than flipping a coin. In the July-August 1999 edition of the Harvard Business Review, an article titled "Hiring Without Firing" identified that 30% to 50% of all executive-level appointments end in firing or resignation. This turnover statistic is significant when one considers that executive-level positions are not only the most important positions in the organization, but the positions that command the largest amount of face-to-face interview time. As such, one would expect that people hired for executive positions would have been the most heavily vetted candidates, but yet the average tenure of a top executive is more often a short "shelf life." Added to this many CEOs are given only about 20 months to show that a major decision has paid off. So getting the hire right the first time is important for both the organization and the employee.

Today, personality assessments play a significant role in the recruitment process and through the use of reliable and valid behavioral assessments organizations reap major benefits. The right assessment can identify the gap between employee work style and job needs. Assessments can provide a road map for recruitment of prospective employees and the further development of essential traits such as, leadership ability, individual development, team communications and conflict resolution. In turn, they can help the employee to make better, more satisfying and successful career choices.

Certified in the use of the Birkman Method we help leaders realize their full potential, align to their greatest capabilities, and enjoy more personal and professional satisfaction.

Business Impacts from Using the Birkman for Hiring Assessment

  • Reduced turnover of employees on average by 50% across all engagements
  • Reduced time to productivity for new hires by 37%
  • Significant reduction in hiring manager dis-satisfaction
  • Increased employee morale and commitment

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