The Walton Group, Inc.

Advisors to senior management on matters of strategic importance.


We are seasoned executives who have successfully served CEO’s and corporate leadership teams in designing breakthrough strategies, dynamic organizations, and effective operating processes that accelerate profitable business growth.


To impact leaders so they will impact the future of organizations and the people in them, creating a culture that allows people to rise to their fullest potential and maximizes the return for the business

Values/Guiding Principles

  • It doesn't matter what you know, the magic is getting others to embrace change
  • It isn't all about you
  • Creating success for others creates the right kind of success for you
  • Whatever you sell, deliver more
  • You can always learn, even from those who know less than you do
  • If you don't rest you won't have the energy to add value to others
  • Your word is your bond

"What really made The Walton Group stand out from any other consulting firm we have worked with was the attention to detail and discovery that went into their engagement with us. They invested time understanding every facet of our business first so that as they guided us through the process they understand our business as well as we do. They are our 'go to' partner for solving our difficult problems."

- ADP Dealer Services VP and General Manager Kevin Hendrick

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