The Walton Group, Inc.

The Walton Group, Inc.

Advisors to Senior Leaders

Who we are…

  • We are seasoned executives who have successfully served CEO’s and corporate leadership teams in designing breakthrough strategies, dynamic organizations, and effective operating processes that accelerate profitable business growth.

Who we serve…

  • CEO’s and leadership teams of public and private companies with revenues between $50MM and $1B

  • Healthy companies looking to accelerate growth or capitalize on new market/business opportunities

  • Underperforming businesses seeking to manage themselves back to a stronger market position

  • Non-profit leaders and boards of directors seeking strategic direction

What we do…

  • Assess and improve top line revenue generation capabilities

  • Maximize pricing and market delivery models

  • Develop high performance leadership teams

  • Create new business models that radically improve company valuation and drive revenue growth

  • Help companies overcome growth stalls

  • Accelerate change and organizational transformation

  • Advise on sustainability for non-profits

  • Provide interim executive leadership

  • Help companies innovate new ways to compete and create breakthrough valuation growth




5234 Cottney Croft Way
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

(404) 405-2825


Areas of Practice


We look hard at your people and help you unlock the potential in your teams and leadership. Using Axiological and Behavioral Science, we can look inside the minds of your teams to identify motivational drivers, improve team dynamics, and unlock hidden leadership potential. As well, we can create clear roadmaps for growth, ensuring that your leaders continuously improve and grow.


Your culture is your greatest differentiator in the war for talent and customers! Culture is more often a default than the results of design. We understand the factors that drive culture and the perception of culture by your teams AND your customers. By demystifying these factors we help you get the tide of culture moving in your direction.


You’ve got the right people on the bus, but do you have them in the right seats? We have worked with hundreds of organizations to create the right organizational structures to accelerate results and reduce the overhead of management. From setting up compensation and reward structures to creating individual performance accountabilities we help create profound clarity for you and your people.


We should not have to dread meetings! What if meetings became the catalyst for great results, high energy, and better engagement? Using simple processes, humorous interaction, and expert perspective we assist leaders in getting the best out of the time spent together. Whether it’s a board meeting, a leadership committee meeting, or an employee meeting, we believer the METHOD is as important as the MESSAGE. Let us help you transform the best of your team gatherings into real velocity for your team.


We are experts in the business of strategy, whether that’s competitive strategy in the marketplace or operational and execution strategy inside your bank. We’ve seen it all from winning local organizations to global giants. We understand how to SIMPLIFY the planning process to make accountability easier at a leadership level, performance clearer at the employee level, and results better for shareholders. We can run the entire process or simply walk with you to provide expert insights and process support as you lead your own planning process. Great results come from great planning and great planning is more than just a budget.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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